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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 11, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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was going up. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran reports. >> reporter: the details are disturbing. one bart police officer told us this was the first time he heard of this in his 28 years on the force. it took authorities hours to pull out the body of a dead homeless man from an elevator shaft after he was crushed by an elevator going up last night at 9:30. a muni rider was using the bart elevator and he heard a crunching noise and someone crying out in pain as the elevator stopped. when bart police, san francisco police and firefighters arrived, they found a homeless man in the elevator shaft. bart police say they also found a few other items on scene. >> bart police sergeant on scene did report that bedding and personal effects were found on top of the elevator car. now, whether those belonged to the man who is deceased or to
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someone else, and whether someone had been, you know, living in the shaft for a period of time, hopefully will be determined by the investigation. >> reporter: police say it appears the man was sleeping at the top and was crushed to death. he was found wedged between the elevator and the wall of the shaft. investigators are still trying to determine how that homeless man got into the shaft in the first place and apparently -- or how long had he been living there or if he had been living there at all. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> there were no delays on bart or muni as a result of this investigation. family and friends are searching for an oakland woman missing for five days now. she was last seen jogging near 34th and telegraph on thursday morning. the 31-year-old was wearing gray pants, gray sweatshirt and red shoes. her family says oakland police aren't doing enough to find her. there is now a $1,000 reward for information in the case.
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a vigil will be held this afternoon. developing news in afghanistan. two american troops were killed today in an insider attack. an afghan police officer opened fire inside a police station while u.s. forces were visiting there. three afghan policemen were also killed in that gun battle. also afghan officials say u.s. troops have and killed two afghan civilians as the truck was approaching an american convoy just outside of kabul. north korea meanwhile has nullified the 1953 armistice which ended fighting in the korean war, that's according to the country's main newspaper. the communist government is upset by last week's united nations vote to impose more sanctions because of north korea's nuclear activities. this comes as south korea and u.s. troops hold their annual military drills which northbound regularly claims are preparations for an invasion. thousands of people who earn the minimum wage in san jose just got a raise.
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they are making $10 an hour. it's because voters approved the $2 an hour pay hike in november. chuck reed is concerned some businesses won't be able to handle the hike. the mayor is concerned about people who are likely to lose their jobs. >> as the minimum wage goes up, small businesses in particular will make accommodations, some of them will absorb the cost, some will pass it on to customers and some will lay people off. >> a campaign is kicking off to encourage people to spend extra earnings in san jose. redwood city could join many of its neighbors on the peninsula tonight and vote to ban most retailers from from giving out single use plastic bags. the plan before the city council would also require a 10- cent charge for paper bags. and san mateo county adopted a plastic bag ban in november. the county says only a small percentage of bags are recycled. thomas frazier begins work today as the oakland police
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department compliance director. a u.s. district court judge appointed him to oversee the reform efforts. frazier is the former baltimore police commissioner and deputy chief in san jose. his job is to get the oakland police department to comply are reform measures that were supposed to be completed five years ago. a rocket launcher was among the weapons turned in at a gun by back program in vallejo over the weekend. nearly 350 weapons were turned in in exchange for $30,000 word of cash and gift cards. coming up, melissa griffin will talk about new legislation for tax credits for people who sell guns at buy back events. >> something else is interesting. >> our weather? the weather around here, we love it. >> i thought you were going to say me. >> not really. the weather. >> i'm boring, but the weather was something over the weekend. >> gorgeous. >> a taste of things to come as we'll see high pressure building in the next couple of
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days and temperatures warming up outside some places near 80 on wednesday. that ridge building in and, of course, sending the jet stream well to the north so no threat of any rain. we are seeing patchy fog at the coastline and valleys. but otherwise looking good. over the bay now mostly clear skies. the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. but by the afternoon, here comes that sunshine well into the 70s inland, 73 degrees in napa. about 70 degrees in san jose. 64 in oakland. and about 58 degrees a little cooler, a little sea breeze into san francisco. we'll have more on your weather coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. word of an injury accident highway 92 at main street in half moon bay. so again there may be some delays in the area. in the moon time here's a live look -- in the meantime, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge where everything is at the limit in both directions on 92. bay bridge toll plaza, so far there are still no big delays in the middle fastrak lanes.
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that's because the metering lights have not been turned on yet. they may turn them on any minute. we are seeing delays growing in the cash lanes almost to -- looks like the first overcrossing. elsewhere to the south bay, live look at 101 at mckee exit. both directions at the limit. and mobile 1 drove through tracy and they are reporting big delays on 205, grant line to 580. this is a closer look at the dublin interchange and things are stacking up especially in the westbound lanes headlights in the commute direction. that is your "timesaver traffic." >> thank you. an animal sanctuary where a lion killed a volunteer intern is open to the public again in fresno county. project survival's cat haven observed a moment of silence yesterday for diana hanson, who was killed wednesday. the lion was later shot to death by a sheriff's deputy. the park founder says cat haven
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reopened with the consent of hanson's mother. >> it's important for us to return back to normal operations here at the cat haven and diana would really want us to do that. >> hanson was cleaning the lion enclosure at the time of the attack. investigators believe the lion got out of the feeding cage and broke hanson's neck with a swipe of his paw. starting tomorrow the conclave of cardinals begins the process of selecting a new pope. we have live pictures out of the vatican. there's not a lot of activity right now. this is a press conference. but the crowds will gather soon as that conclave begins this week. yesterday, the cardinals celebrated mass at local parishes near the vatican. today the cardinals are in their last day of general meetings. the final chance to get to know one another before selecting a new pope. >> they have now have to talk not about the issues of the church, they have to come up with a name, a person.
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>> some of the rumored front- runners include odilo scherer, boston cardinal sean o'malley and timothy dolan. japan marks the second anniversary of the largest earthquake ever recorded there. the magnitude 9.0 quake and tsunami left nearly 19,000 people dead or missing. 300,000 are still homeless. about half of those live near the nuclear power plant that melted down. hundreds filed suit demanding suit for suffering and losses. the tsunami did heavy damage to ports in california including santa cruz. they are still trying to recover there. and work is expected to continue all summer long to rebuild a number of destroyed docks, some needing to be
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demolished and replaced. coming up, the aspirin advantage how the common cure for headaches could cut your skin cancer risk. >> knives are dangerous. they haven't become any less dangerous since 9/11. >> and outrage growing over the tsa's new plan to allow knives on planes. how the guidelines have confused a u.s. senator. >> plus a rescue one firefighter will never forget. how he ended up with a box full of bear cubs:
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closer he heard squealing. >> i thought it was pigs but it was three baby bears. >> i wanted to keep one. >> his daughters didn't get to keep the cubs but they took photos. they are now being taken care of by professionals. when they get bigger -- >> there's a problem, though. they turn into big, big bears! >> very true. >> hard to keep that in the backyard. >> they took pictures. >> they are cute for now. give it, what, two weeks and they will be a totally different story. first let's go towards livermore. we are getting word of what sounds like an accident. a backup is beginning to build westbound 580 approaching north first street. you can see that long line of brake lines from the altamont pass and continuing towards the dublin interchange. so we have a camera near tassajara showing you how the delays are beginning to build approaching 680. so that's going to be a slow drive time from 205 out of tracy all the way towards the
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dublin interchange. another hotspot is the westbound highway 4 ride. we'll go flying this morning and it is very sluggish from a street to somersville and past that somersville exit, we are starting to see green sensors once again closer towards willow pass things beginning to pick up. this is breaking news this morning, police investigating a man found dead at this intersection. south capitol avenue and murtha drive there are still streets blocked off as they continue their investigation this morning. capitol avenue is a frontage road. capitol expressway is open. so once again it's not causing any major traffic tie-ups. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." here's lawrence with the forecast. >> got some great news, weather wise. lots of sunshine coming our way with warm sunny skies. patchy fog at the coast and santa rosa area, reports of some fog there too. but that will quickly break up in no, sir spots and mostly
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sunny skies and warmer temperatures this afternoon. dry warm weather this week, feeling a lot like spring. some of these temperatures near 80 towards the middle of the week. outside now, mostly clear over the bay. still chilly in spots inland some of the numbers in the valleys 30s, 40s elsewhere now. toward the afternoon this huge dome of high pressure very strong ridge going to send any threat of rain well to the north of the bay area so again we're keeping it dry so enjoy that sunshine. other than a couple of patches of fog at the coastline, looking nice, sunny and bright the next few days. traveling around california looks good today, lots of 70s into the central valley, 67 in yosemite. the snow will be melting in a hurry there. along the coast we may see a couple of patches of fog from time to time. but more of an offshore wind in the interior valleys and inside the bay means clear skies. overnight patchy fog at the coastline, otherwise looking nice and clear elsewhere. temperatures will be the story again today numbers warming up over yesterday's highs. about 73 degrees in morgan
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hill. 71 campbell. of the redwood city. cool at the coastline mainly in the 50s. 69 in redwood city. east bay temperatures, sunny, 74 brentwood, 73 pittsburg and 73 in the napa valley. inside the bay mid-60s into oakland, 63 alameda, 71 santa rosa. next couple of days more sunshine on the way near 80. wouldn't be surprised to see a couple on wednesday. thursday we start to cool down, much cooler and a few more clouds this next weekend. >> of course. the weekend is cooler, right? >> yes, cooler for the weekend but this last one was great. >> it was. >> 80? >> we like that. 6:18. a growing debate about the tsa's new plan to allow small knives on airplanes. lawmakers are joining the fray. in particular, in new york, their senator charles schumer is critical of the policy changes. under the new guidelines, knives with blades less than 2.36 inches long and half inch wide will be allowed on board and must have a retractable blade that doesn't lock in
6:17 am
place. >> you don't have to be albert einstein to know that these items are dangerous. but a knife like this can be used to hurt flight attendant, passengers. >> it turns out the knife the senator held up similar to those sold in office supply stores will not be allowed under the tsa's new policy. box cutters and raise blades are still banned. the new guidelines go into effect on april 25. president obama plans to make three visits to capitol hill this week hoping to build bipartisan support for a plan to roll back $85 billion in budget cuts. the visits will include two separate meetings with republican lawmakers who have refused to consider any plans that include tax increases. meanwhile, the senate today will unveil a plan to keep the government funded past march 27. it's unclear whether it will include an extension of the federal pay freeze. and you can find first lady michelle obama on twitter today. she will be answering questions
6:18 am
on her "let's move" initiative. the program is celebrating its third anniversary this year. the "let's move" initiative aims to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation. another life-saving use for aspirin. >> researchers say it may lower the risk of a certain type of skin cancer. the study was published in the journal "cancer," looked at nearly 60,000 women over 12 years. scientists found women who used aspirin had a 21% lower risk of momentum and the longer women took aspirin, the better women who used -- women who used it for five years or longer had a 30% lower risk. researchers didn't find the same link with other pain medications like acetaminophen. several nail biters for bay area sports teams. >> it's do or die the u.s. and canada in the world baseball classic. how did it end? we'll tell you coming up.
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high pressure now building in along the west coast. lots of sunshine coming our way. you will be surprised how warm these temperatures are going to get. we'll talk about that coming up. >> here we are. >> yes. in the world baseball classic the u.s. played a must- win game against canada yesterday. the canadians got on the scoreboard first. but in the 4th inning, ben bunts, taylor green rushes the throw and it pops wildly in the air. joe mauer scores to make it 2- 1. then adam jones in the gap with a two-run double in the 8th. united states wins 9-4. now headed to the next round in miami. >> well done. let's go to the ice where the rough ride for the sharks just continues. we are going to colorado in fact. last night san jose's logan
6:23 am
couture tied the game up at 2 in the third period. there was hope and then with just a fraction of a second left in overtime matt dushane scored the game winner. colorado won 3-2. the sharks' woes continue. a new star for the stanford women with the play of the day. sophomore amber orrange drives, spins and lays it up and in against uc la off the backboard. that's the winning bucket. the cardinals women win the pac- 12 tournament for the 7th time in a row. orrange came up big career high 20 points. stanford beat the bruins 51-49. and they will likely be a top seed in next week's ncaa. >> pretty good. 6:25 right now. coming up, not just a paycheck boost. how san jose's minimum wage high will benefit local businesses. >> plus, disturbing discovery here. how a man ended up getting crushed to death by a bart elevator. we'll have a live report. >> and we're following breaking
6:24 am
news in san jose. police are investigating the city's ninth homicide of the year. what they're saying about the latest victim.
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it's the all-new lincoln mkz. it appears he was sleeping at the top and may have been crushed. >> a body is found in a bart elevator shaft. >> it didn't affect service last night or this morning. >> insurance or not, san francisco says flooded homeowners will be made whole again. >> we are going to make sure we get the repairs done and get people back into their homes, our primary concern. >> they have to come up with a name a person. >> conclave is one day closer as cardinals prepare to pick a new pontiff. >> the expectations are that it
6:28 am
will happen by friday at the latest. >> afghanistan president hamid karzai has accused the united states of working with the taliban. >> new hope in the congressional budget battle. >> they are calling it the charm offensive. the president reaching out to members of congress in both parties. >> time to start leading and the way you do that is quit poking your finger in people's eyes and start building relationships. >> and san jose workers get a bump in their paychecks. >> very, very happy about that. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's monday, march 1 1. i'm michelle griego. >> it is monday. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. and we have an update on that breaking news out of san jose. >> police are on the scene of the city's ninth murder of the year. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. it's still a very active crime
6:29 am
scene. police have closed off capitol avenue between capitol court and murtha drive where a man was found dead two hours ago. he was shot in the chest. police got the call around 4:30 this morning from some neighbors. a woman driving to work saw a man on the side of the road thought he was passed out. she called her husband. he also saw the man and called police. when officers arrived they pronounced the victim dead at the scene from a gunshot wound. his name hasn't been released but they say he is 30 years old and are speaking to neighbors to see if they heard or saw anything. >> we are doing a canvas right now. i believe we have one person saying they heard a disturbance, a fight between two people a little after 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: police have made no arrests and say that they will not speculate at this point if this could have been gang-related. they say they don't know a motive because it's early in the investigation. the lieutenant did tell me, however, that they have made
6:30 am
contact with the victims in this same neighborhood in the past. he would not say for what. but they do believe he probably lives in the area. in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> thank you. this was san jose's ninth homicide this year, just last week a suspect was arrested for one of the earlier killings. new this morning, bart police are trying to figure out how an apartment homeless man got into an elevator shaft. the man's body was pulled out of the shaft early this morning after it was crushed by the elevator as it was going up. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the montgomery bart station this morning with more. cate. >> reporter: michelle, this will be an ongoing investigation. bart police are still trying to figure out how the man got into the elevator shaft in the first place. we see the elevator door is boarded up with wood and we saw the last of the crime tape was taken down moments ago. this was after the man's body
6:31 am
was pulled out of the shaft early this morning. this happened just after 9:30 last night. bart police, san francisco police, and fire got a report a muni rider was stuck inside the montgomery bart elevator. the rider in the elevator told police he says he heard a crunching noise and then someone shouting in pain as the elevator stopped. when emergency crews got on scene they found a homeless man dead inside the shaft. one officer says this is the first incident he heard of in decades. >> i have been a member of the bart police department for 28 years and this is the first such case that i have been made aware of where someone has been killed inside of a bart station elevator shaft. >> police say the homeless man was wedged between the elevator and the wall of the shaft. officers say it appears he was sleeping and at the top and may have been crushed to death. now, authorities did find personal belongings at the scene at the top of the
6:32 am
elevator, bedsheets among other items and still don't know if that belongs to the deceased man. live in san francisco, back to you. >> cate, is this affecting bart or muni service at all? >> reporter: when we were just there, michelle, it didn't appear it was affecting service at all today. and officers say it didn't affect service last night. >> thank you, cate caugiran live in san francisco. some developing news in afghanistan. two american servicemembers died today in an insider attack. u.s. officials say an afghan police officer opened fire inside a police station while u.s. forces were visiting there. three afghan policemen were also killed in the gun battle. also afghan officials say united states troops have shot and killed two afghan civilians as their truck was approaching an american convoy outside of kabul. north korea's main newspaper says the country has nullified the 1953 armistice that ended fighting in the korean war. the communist government is upset by last week's united nations vote to impose more
6:33 am
sanctions because of north korea's nuclear activities. this comes as south korea and u.s. troops hold their annual military drills which north korea regularly claims are preparations for an invasion. san francisco's city leaders are condemning ads running on the sides of several muni buses in town. many refer to arabs and muslims as savages. the ads are paid for by the american freedom defense initiative. the sfmta has added disclaimers on the bus ads and the board of supervisors is expect to approve a resolution officially condemning the signs today. a popular berkeley restaurant will resume taking reservations today just days after it was damaged by fire. chez panisse canceled all reservations through march 23 but starting today plans to start taking new reservations for after that date. thousands of people in san jose will get a raise today,
6:34 am
now makes $10 an hour. the $2 increase is because voters approved the pay hike in november. san jose mayor chuck reed is concerned though that some businesses will not be able to handle the hike in pay. he is concerned about the people who say they are likely to lose their jobs. >> as the minimum wage goes up, small businesses in particular will make accommodations, some will absorb the costs, some will pass it on to their customers and some will decrease jobs and lay people off. >> campaign is kicking off today to encourage people to spend extra earnings in san jose. so make a couple of extra bucks. stay right here at home. >> hi. >> why not? why not get out there and enjoy, right? we have plenty of sunshine coming our way and patchy fog at the immediate coastline and a few patches in the north bay but looking good as high pressure is kicking into gear for the next few days, the jet stream headed well north of the bay area now. so we are going to keep things dry. so enjoy that sunshine while we have it. looks like it is going to stick
6:35 am
around and that means these temperatures will be heating up although starting out chilly in spots this morning, 36 in santa rosa, who in livermore, 41 in concord, 40 in livermore. sunshine and 73 degrees in morgan hill. 70 in san jose. 70 degrees in sunnyvale. east bay temperatures up in the mid-70s in some spots. 73 in antioch, 74 brentwood, 72 pleasanton. inside the bay cooler, a sea breeze, 50s into san francisco, mid-60s into oakland. more on your weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> and we're watching what sounds like a serious injury crash. police have already started shutting down streets through downtown half moon bay. in fact, both directions of highway 92 are shut downright now between highway 1 and highway 35. police are calling this a major injury crash possibly fatal. it was first reported around 6:00 this morning. so in terms of alternates, you will have to go a long way around this mess.
6:36 am
highway 84 all the way down towards la honda or sharp park road is your best bet until they reopen streets in the area. quick look at westbound 580 backed up through the altamont pass and livermore. an accident is now in the center divide approaching north first street. they finally turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. so it's starting to stack up behind the pay gates but it looks good past the metering lights on the upper deck. that's traffic. back to you guys >> thank you. today is the second anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that killed nearly 19,000 people in japan. 300,000 people are still homeless two years after the quake in that devastating tsunami. an estimated 1.5 million tons of debris washed out to sea and some of it continues to show up on beaches around the pacific. there's still plenty of work to do at the santa cruz harbor, heavily damaged by the tsunami that came from japan. they expect to work through the
6:37 am
summer to rebuild several of the destroyed docks. some docks at the harbor still have to be demolished and then replaced. 6:39 now. the conclave of cardinals will soon begin the process of selecting a new pope. we have a live look at vatican city where all the attention is on choosing a new leader for the roman catholic church. it could happen this week. today the cardinals are in their last day of general meetings, their final chance to get to know one another before selecting a new pope. >> they have now got to talk not about the issues of the church but who. they have to come up with a name, a person. >> some of the rumored front- runners include odilo scherer of brazil, and angelo scola of italy. and even two americans may have a shot, a long shot. boston cardinal sean o'malley and new york cardinal timothy dolan. and there could be a victory today for the gay rights in the british empire. queen elizabeth is due to sign what's called the commonwealth charter today.
6:38 am
it declares opposition to all forms of discrimination. sources suggest that gay rights are implied in that statement. the queen has tenant unusual step of asking to have television cameras on hand when she signs that charter today. time now is 6:40. coming up, tougher gun laws. the ambitious agenda being laid out by state lawmakers. >> plus, caught on camera. the blast that rocked a new jersey apartment complex coming up. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. so far, not too great. coming up we'll get an update from chief financial officer. -- coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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explosion injured five firefighters in new jersey. the fire broke
6:42 am
out yesterday morning in a powerful explosion injured five firefighters, this is in new jersey over the weekend. the fire broke out yesterday morning in harrison and burned for hours before it was brought under control. the backdraft that caused the explosion is dangerous for even the most experienced fire crews. a battalion chief was badly injured. >> when that glass blew out, he got it all in his face and body. so he was bleeding profusely. >> the fire apparently started in a restaurant on the building's ground floor and spread towards a nearby apartment building. no civilian injuries were reported. but that battalion chief is still recovering. gun control now remains a hot button issue here in the bay area and sacramento in the wake of the sandy hook shooting. >> there's a number of new gun laws proposed at the state example. melissa griffin joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> all right. so california already has some of the toughest gun laws in the
6:43 am
country and it will get stricter, it sounds like. >> reporter: it is. the way it works in sacramento is all the bills that are going to be considered have to be proposed by the end of february. and then they spend the rest of the year figuring out what they are going to do with them. so this year the bills are in and there are 22 that relate to guns. here are some examples. number one, a law that would restrict gun shows from taking place at the cow palace unless the board of supervisors in san mateo and san francisco approve. good luck on that ever happening. attacks on bullets. a funding of $24 million to take guns away from people who have them unlawfully. we actually know who they are. we had need to go get them. tax credits for guns so people who give them away in time for april 15th. and various locking requirements for people who have -- criminals or people mentally incompetent in their homes. so that's just an example. there are plenty out there that the legislature is going to be considering. >> i would say that's an
6:44 am
ambitious agenda. do they have a shot at getting some, all? >> reporter: they have to be -- democrats have -- with the extraordinary amount of power they have this year and such political will behind this you have to believe that they are rolling out their laundry list they wished they could have passed in prior years and trying to pass them this year. >> some of the republicans are feeling the heat and saying okay, we give. >> absolutely. >> reporter: just last week, an emergency measure was passed by republicans and democrat, not a single no vote to fund $24 million so the department of justice could take people who lawfully had guns or had restraining orders or committed crimes so they can't have them anymore. there are about 40,000 of those guns in california and they just passed emergency funding to enforce the law. that was passed without a "no" vote. republicans are going to oppose some things but with the
6:45 am
democratic majority, there is no way even a coalition of moderate democrats and republicans can stop these things from happening. >> what will gun advocates do when these pass? >> reporter: some it won't make any difference for the law- abiding citizens but when you tax ammunition you have to believe that the folks in nevada are very excited about the prospect of people just crossing the border to buy cheaper ammo. so you will feel it. >> we already know people are going to these gun shows and buying up everything right now. >> gun sales have tripled in california in the past three years. they went from 500,000 to 1.3 million in the last year so people are definitely stocking up. you can bet if these laws pass they go into effect in january of next year, so when they pass, you may see a run on a number of different types of ammunition, et cetera, in order to get everything in the door before these take effect. >> all right. thank you, melissa. remember, you can find more of melissa's segments on our website, >> have a good week.
6:46 am
wall street's rally can't last forever. >> the dow is coming off a week that saw a number of records and the futures are down. let's kick it around. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on a monday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we knew the good times would end at some point but what a week for the stock market at last week. the dow with four straight record closes finished at 14,397 on friday. getting big help from the february jobs report which came in much better than expected with a gain of 236,000 jobs, going down from 7.9 to 7.7%. other positive reports helped out last week. better-than-expected court earnings and the fed maintaining its stimulus plan to keep rates low and buying up mortgage-backed securities and bonds fueling the market. nothing on the calendar today so the market is opening up lower. let's see. dow down 14, nasdaq down 5, s&p
6:47 am
lower by 2. back to you. >> thank you. what goes up has to come down eventually. >> thank you, jason brooks. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." and norah o'donnell has made the trip to vatican city. she joins us live now with the very latest there. good morning. or good afternoon, i guess, right? >> reporter: that's right, it is afternoon here. good day to you, frank and michelle. we are right near st. peter's square an unbelievable sight since we are talking about choosing a pope. with the excitement building here in vatican city, we'll show you how it will all unfold. plus we have clues behind who are the top contenders including some americans. also, former sitcom star valerie harper opens up about her incurable brain cancer. you will hear a message of courage and hope in her first television interview since being diagnosed. the news is back in the mornings. so we'll see you guys live from here in vatican city at 7:00.
6:48 am
>> we look forward to. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. a rare comet will be racing across the bay area this week. and you wouldn't need a telescope to check it out. "pan-starrs," that's what it's called, will be visible by the naked eye just after sunset tonight but the glow of the twilight could make it hard to see. astronomers say just look at the left of the setting sun. you will see a fuzzy star with a little bit of a tail. it will be easiest to spot on tuesday and wednesday and twilight because it will be near the moon. so that should be fun. >> i know at least one person who will be out there watching. >> yes. those are one of the most amazing things to see it. i remember one that was more spectacular and there will be a better one at the end of the year as bright as venus. lots of brightness in the bay area sunshine just about for everyone and temperatures heating up. high pressure now building in overhead. and even a weak offshore wind has brought with us mostly
6:49 am
clear skies except we have some patchy fog at the coast. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. and some warmer weather. and dry and warm weather as we head in through the middle of the week feeling like spring outside which is really not that far away. over the bay looking good so far. the temperatures running into the 30s and 40s early on. but by the afternoon, just going to be a beautiful day a very strong ridge of high pressure now setting itself up. that will send the jet stream well to the north staying dry as it looks like we are going to see that ridge strengthen for the next few days. out of sfo today no delays there, mostly sunny toward the afternoon. across the country not too bad either as we'll see some sunshine and clouds into houston at 66. 53, mostly cloudy into denver. rain in chicago and 53 and cloudy in new york. around the bay today we are looking at temperatures running into the 70s into san jose, 73 in morgan hill, cool 57 degrees in pacifica, sunshine and mid- 70s into brentwood. 71 livermore. 70 vallejo. as you get inside the bay mid-
6:50 am
60s into oakland. upper 50s into san francisco. and 71 in santa rosa. next couple of days these temperatures really heating up near 80 degrees by wednesday. then cooling down a little bit much cooler and cloudy over the weekend. liz? >> unfortunately we have some major problems right now getting into and out of half moon bay. they have shut down about a five-mile stretch of highway 92. there's a major injury crash just east of half moon bay. so again that direction -- both directions of 92 between main street and highway 35, this is about two miles east of main street where the accident happened near lima farm near the turnoff for the landfill. so traffic is being turned and. they are being detoured around the area while police investigate. unfortunately, there's a pretty long way around this. you can head south on highway 1 towards highway 84 near la honda or go north by sharp park road in pacifica. we are also following some super slow traffic this morning
6:51 am
at the altamont pass and livermore because of an earlier crash that was approaching north first street. it's backed up through the area even beyond the earlier accident. towards airway boulevard so heads up if your commute takes you anywhere near that area. let's go towards our live traffic cameras. we have more cameras near 880 in oakland near 66. there was a small grassfire at northbound 880 near high street. it's minor. no lanes blocked. and once again, this is a live look near the oakland cal seem. that is your "timesaver traffic" -- this is a live look near the oakland coliseum. this is your "timesaver traffic." for the first time in three months gas prices dipped, 6 cents. nation wise average is 3.74. the average in san francisco is 4:15 a gallon. in oakland it's 4:10. in san jose, 4.11. the low he was average gas price in california is in sacramento -- the low he was
6:52 am
average gas price in california is in sacramento at 4.02 a gallon. look how much more we pay than the national average. >> whatever. 6:54. coming up, we'll have a final check of your top stories. >> plus, a fire breathing octopus on the streets of san francisco. we'll explain. coming up after the break.
6:53 am
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. looking into a fatal shooting on the city's east side. officers responded to a call near capitol avenue and rive, about 4:30 t san jose police this morning are looking into a fatal shooting on the east side. officers responded to the call of capitol avenue and murtha avenue around 4:30 this morning. they found a man dead at the scene with a gunshot wound. no suspect or motive in the
6:56 am
case. authorities are trying to figure out how a man got into an elevator shaft at a bart station. bart police say about 9:30 last night a homeowners man died after being crushed by an elevator going up. a passenger was using the elevator at the montgomery station when he heard a loud noise and then someone crying out in pain. it took several hours to get that body out. 6:58. a final check of weather and traffic. and i guess you have a pretty serious accident out there. >> it's major injuries and that could mean it's a reported fatal. we are waiting for word from chp but there's about a mile long backup right now trying to get out of half moon bay both directions of highway 92 shut down between main street and skyline boulevard. so in the meantime until they have reopened that stretch about a five mile stretch is blocked off you will have to head south towards 84 cut over into la honda or use sharp park road and head north towards pacifica. it's a mess in the meantime in
6:57 am
the area. lawrence? >> well, we have some great weather coming up, lots of sunshine is headed toward the bay area starting out with a couple of patches of fog outside. otherwise, we are looking good into the afternoon. starting out with temperatures running into the 30s and 40s. looking nice though out over the bay right now. i think by the afternoon, we are going to be enjoying even warmer temperatures than the weekend moving well into the 70s, maybe some mid-70s in some of the valleys. 50s at the coastline, maybe some 80s by the middle of the week. >> i love that. >> thank you. well, fiery finale to a celebration. a new location opens in 6 weeks and yesterday, the exploratorium held a street festival outside its new headquarters at pier 15 and among the exhibits was a giant octopus that shoots fire. it's made out of recycled junk from a scrapyard. it was originally created for the burnin man fan festival.
6:58 am
thank you for watching. your next local update is 7:25. captions by: caption colorado good morning. it is monday, march 11th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." live from vatican city. the cardinals are here. voting on a new pope is just hours away with two american names surfacing as real contenders. valerie harper opens up about her battle with brain cancer in her first tv interview since her diagnosis. why mountains are being blown up to fight avalanches. coach bob knight tells us why negative thinking is a good thing. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm eager to get a new pope and get back home. i'm running out of socks.
6:59 am
>> roman catholic cardinals will begin secret discussions today as they begin the search for a new pope. >> they may choose a cardinal that has an unfortunate history they don't know about. >> most jobs in modern society they run a background check on. an insider attack in afghanistan. two troops have been killed. >> chuck hagel denied allegations from hamid karzai that the u.s. and taliban were working together to scare the afghan people. >> i told the president it was not true. another storm slamming the central part of the country. >> now heading east, iowa and wisconsin could see several inches of snow. >> really, really bad. >> charm offensive set to continue. >> i don't think we'll be doing the harlem shake any


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